This city guide contains some of my favorite places in Berlin. I hope that you will find inspiration of where to go, should you be in Berlin, and hopefully you will find them as good as I do.
I try to keep this list up to date, so that whenever I find that something is closed, moved or just not good anymore I will revise.
A general tip for Berlin is to always have cash on you. It is very few places that actually takes credit card.

Magazine und Lektüre der gegenwart
Auguststrasse 28
U- Rosenthaler Platz
(Accept credit card payment from purchase over 20 euros)
If you are crazy about magazines you should definitely pass by Do You Read Me!?. It offers a huge selection of contemporary reading materials about fashion, art and music etc. from all over the world. It is really easy to loose track of time, when you are flipping through all the colorful magazines. Here you can also buy alternative Berlin guides and their Do You Read Me!? limited edition blanco notebook.

Almstadstrasse 48-50
U- Rosa Luxemburg
(accepts credit card)
Great bookstore with mostly books of creative sort like architecture, design and art. I could spend hours in here.

Marienburgerstrasse 16
Prenzlauer Berg
U- Senefelder platz
(They don't accept credit card so bring cash)
They have everything needed for the painter. Painting, brushed, paper, canvas, frames etc. This is one of those places I can spend a long time just drifting around between the isles without having an aim. I especially like the frame department, where you can either order to specific measurements or get on of the many prefabricated ones. The also have a good selection of books for the creative and art interested.

Prinzernstrasse 85
U- Moritzplatz
Modulor has everything you need to be creative. If you dare to go in, you are bound to come out two hours later, with a bunch of things that you don't really need, but think you can't live without.

Rosa-Luxembourg Strasse 28
U-Rosa Luxembourg platz
Really nice stationary shop, with many different card, pens and limited edition items. The stylish decor of the place is alone a reason to go.

Skalitzer Strasse 68
U- Schlesischer Tor
If you are looking for artist publications, zines, magazines and artist books, MOTTO is certainly the right place to visit. Located a backyard in Kreuzberg it is not a place you just come across, a bit like a treasure you need to discover, but once you have it is a whole new would. You can definitely find things here, you would not find any other place.

Dieffenbachstrasse 58
U- Schönleinstrasse
Also open Sunday
A small second hand bookstore with a good selection of English and German books.

Warschauer Stradsse 74
U- Frankfurter Tor or S- Waschauer Strasse
Aver since I moved to Berlin I always had a thing for this bookstore. It used to have yellow drawers of books that were drawn out during the day and pushed back and locked at night. Now a days it has had a complete makeover, but I am still exited about it. Especially because they have a large selection of English books and a minor selection of second hand foreign books. It is not only a bookstore, you can also eat at their bagel cafe and relax among all the literature.


Warschauer strasse 69
S-bahn Warschauer/U-bahn Frankfurter Tor
The place has a very fast environment, and it is not a place where you get stuck for hours, but their coffee is good, and they also offer a selection of a lot of alternatives to coffee, if your not into that. The have delicious cake and sandwiches and soup for lunch, and also a good selection of vegan stuff.  Ohh and you should try their vegan Bananabread.

Wipperstrasse 41
S + U- Neukölln
Closed Monday and Tuesday
When you enter Vux you will be surprised to learn that this cafe is 100% Vegan. At first glance on the counter, you'll see it is full of what appears to be delicious cream filled torte. Here you can go for a real German coffee and cake even if you are vegan or have dairy allergies. It makes being a vegan look like a beach vacation. It is so tasty and have much more variety than many dairy cakes. Even though it might be a bit out of you way it is definitely worth the trip. One advise: leave your fur coat at home!

Friedelstrasse 7 (corner Weserstrasse)
U-bahn Hermannplatz
This lovely cafe is a great place to go and hang out or to work, while having a coffee or one of their delicious Flammkunchen (The German Pizza). They also offer many different types of muffins and tarts and if you are lucky you get to meet Bully.


Choriner strasse 12 corner of Zionkirschestrasse
Prenzlauer berg
U- Senefelderplatz
I like this place because it is still located in one of the only unrenovated buildings in Prenzlauer berg. It is a nice place to have a simple brunch or hang out for a glass of wine doing the afternoon or evening, before going to an opening in one of the many galleries located on this street. Mostly I just like the bar and to sit in the sofa of their front room.

Deine Französische Backstube
Pannierstrasse 56
U-bahn. Hermannplatz
If you want a good croissant (and those are hard to come by in Berlin) you should go to Croissanterie. They offer everything from normal buttercroissants to croissants filled with lemon, cherry and of cause pain o chocolat. They are only open until early in the afternoon, and in the morning the place is always busy, and it can be hard to get a seat. Also if you are in a hurry don't go here, they take their time with everything, and I would never drink their coffee.

Innstrasse 47
U- Karl Marx Strasse
The California Breakfast Slam is one of the best offered brunches in Berlin. No buffet, No junk just something to save you Sunday and make you want to come back for more. After being homeless and hopping from cafe to cafe for some years, he finally has his own place open every day, for every day brunch heaven. 

Like it is many places, a cafe in Berlin does not equal good coffee. So here is a list for the people that like me are particular abut their coffee and like to go to places where they really care about the product.

Eichendorffstrasse 13
Prenzlauer Berg
S- nordbahnhof or U- Naturkundemuseum
Kristjan Molstad who is the owner is in deed a lover of coffee. I love this place because I always get a sense of passion for the product when I am there. The place has a clear Norwegian touch. It is a pleasant atmosphere and has been voted one of the best co-working spaces in Berlin. . From time to time the do concerts with Scandinavian acts, for events check out the website.

Paul Linke Ufer 39/40 (inside the arch)
U-Schönleinstrasse or Kottbusser Tor
This is one of my favourite places to have a coffee in the whole of Berlin. Mainly because their blend is just to my taste. It is mostly for take-away coffee, as the place is probably 9sqm at large. So it is not a place you hang for a long time. Especially in the winter it can get a little crowded inside, but on warmer days you can sit outside and enjoy the coffee with a view on the canal and the ever buzzing Paul Linke Ufer.
No toilet

Hermannstrasse 230
U-bahn Boddinstrasse
This is by far my favourite place to go for coffee in all of Berlin. Not only do they make one of the best Flat white with oat milk I have come across, but they also have delicious toast and shakes (all vegetarian). The staff is the nicest one I have met during my time in Berlin - which might not say a lot for people who are used to crappy and rude Berlin service, but then try to multiply the best experience you had in Berlin with 10 - which is one of the main reasons I keep coming back again and again. The are all very chatty and make you feel welcome and go far to make their customers happy.

Friedelstrasse 31
U-bahn Schönleinstrasse
Closed Monday
Catie's is so homey and nice that I would not mind living there. Waiking up every morning to a great cup of coffee and a homemade shortbread. I could really hang around this place for hours hiding out in a dark corner with a book. Besides having great coffee, this is one of the only places in Berlin where I have ever had a perfect cup of warm chocolate.

Reichenbergerstrasse 101
U-bahn Görlizer Bahnhof
Five Elefants is not only serving you coffee they are a roastery. Here you can get their own blends, delicious homemade cake and great warm chocolate. They also supply coffee to many of the cities cafes, so you are bound to encounter them at some point on your trip.

Mittenwalderstrasse 30
U-bahn Mehringdam or Südstern
Closed Monday
I think this little coffee place could be my favorite, if is wasn't because it was so far away from everything else. The coffee is great, very reasonable price and the place is small, minimal and very nice and you can take your coffee sitting in the huge window frame, along the wall or in the summer: outside.

Siegfriedstrasse 19
U+S-bahn Hermannstrasse
To my great surprise this little coffeeplace opened not far away from my home. The coffee and hot chocolate is good, the atmosphere is nice and they do a great homemade lemonade. Sometimes the have artistic performances and concerts so check out their website to know if anything is going on.

Oderstrasse 7
U/S-Frankfurter Tor
Another cosy spot in Berlin, where I could also just hang out for several hours. They have delicious coffee and food, but I would recommend to go on a weekday, because on weekends it always gets really crowded.


Köpernicker strasse 1
030 69814538
U- Schlesischer Tor
When people come to visit me for the first time I always take them here. I love this place, because the environment is so laid back, the staff is great and the food and wine amazing. They only do seating once every evening, so you don’t have to rush through you food to make room for others. Therefore reservation is a must. You get soup, salad, main course and cake all for the price of 17 euros. They always have 2 different soups, and 3 different main courses (1 vegetarien)

Tucholskystrasse 48, corner Linienstrasse
U-Oranienburger tor or S-Friedrichstrasse
This was one of the first places I went to when I came to Berlin, and I knew that I would be coming back. The atmosphere is cozy do to the very sparse lighting. The food is traditional German with a modern twist, and the menu changes from time to time. Reservation is a good idea doing tourist season, as it is located at one of the hot spots.

Behrenstrasse 55
U- Französiser Strasse
The food at Cookie Cream is so delicious that I often spend several days after being there, dreaming about it. Everything is vegetarian, but even though you are into meat, you will not miss it. It is definitely one of the more expensive places on my list, but it is worth every cent. Reservation is needed, and how to find it, I won't tell to much about, as it is part of the experience. 

Auguststrasse 29 C
U-bahn Weinbergstrasse/Rosenthaler Platz
Fusion burger Asian style. Good size portions and cute serving. I especially like their sweet potato fritters. If you have a large hunger, I would recommend somewhere else. But for a normal hunger it is a great place to go, and nice in the summer evenings, where you can sit outside with a cold beer.

Gipsstrasse 3
U-bahn Weinmeisterstrasse/Rosenthaler Platz
Paul-Linke Ufer 39/40
U- Kottbusser Tor/Schönleinstrasse
Cocolo recently opened a huge new branch in Kreuzberg, and although I have written both addresses here, I have to say that I favor the one located in Mitte. The place, which is small has a much nicer and authentic vibe. That said, at both places the food is delicious. Six different choice of ramen soup and Japanese starters. It will never be a place I get tired of coming.

Kienitzer Strasse 110
U- Leinestrasse
Nice Italian restaurant with authentic food and large portions at affordable prices. Caligari is a neighborhood restaurant, in fact I dare to say the only decent restaurant with a bit higher cuisine in my area. Small menu that changes every day with the season, though I think you can always get Lasagna. Nice atmosphere and staff. If you want to visit on the weekend, I recommend coming early or booking a table in advance. For one person with 3 courses and wine it will range between 30-40 euros. 

Hermannstrasse 176
U/S- Hermannstrasse
Cute and modern restaurant with traditional and Europe adapted Vietnamese food. The food is fresh, tasty and a reasonable portion for the price. In the summer half of the year they have outside seating.

Eberswalderstrasse 28
Prenzlauer Berg
U- Eberswalderstrasse
Sometimes when living in Germany in it nice with a little break in France. And that is where you end up when eating a Les Valseuses. This little unpretentious French/Belgian bistro embodies the spirit that I remember from France. It helps that all the staff speak French and half of the visitors are also French. The food is delicious and at more or less affordable prices. Two people with two courses and wine will set you back about 70-80€.

It is not difficult to find cheap and good food in Berlin. There is so many fast food places to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which one to visit. If I am in the mood for falafel I always look for Lebanese or Sudanese place, those are the best. There is a couple of them on my list I think is worth mentioning.

Mehringdamm, at the U-bahn exit.
It is true that vegetables can taste like this? That was what I thought the first time I visited Mustafa's. There is always a huge line. Whether summer or winter, but it is so worth the wait. If you are a meat eater the kebab comes both in a version with chicken and vegetarian, but I tend to favor the vegetarian durum myself.
No toilet, also this is outside, so dress up at wintertime.

Krossnerstrasse 17
U-Frankfurter Tor or S-Warschauer Strasse
Discovering Ali Baba has made my old favorite falafel joint at the same street, seem really ordinary. It is always a good place to go when in Friedrichshain. The portions are huge and the food yummy. It is very much worth a visit.
No toilet

Kastanienalle 33
Prenzlauer Berg
U- Rosenthaler platz S- Schönhauser alle
Located on the other side of town Babel is a place a rarely visit. But their falafel still lies in my memory and they have an excellent mango sauce.

Sonnenalle 54
U- Hermannplatz/Rathaus Neukölln
This is without a doubt the best babaganush I have come across in Berlin. So if you follow my recommendation make sure to order this dish. The atmosphere is nothing special, but the food they serve is great. Masses of free black tea, can be enjoyed with you meal.

Pannierstrasse 5
U - Hermannplatz
Probably the best if not at least the biggest burger in town. The place is only really good to visit in the summer or to do takeaway, since there is no inside seating. But the burgers are huge and very delicious.
No toilet

Kottbusser Damm 102
U -Schönleinstrasse
This is the sushi place in Berlin that I most often go to. A very small restaurant, but good quality food. The two seats at the window is my favorite spot, but can be sometimes difficult to get. They also have a small variety of other Japanese dishes, in case you are not a big sushi fan.

Sonnenalle 134
U- Karl Marx Strasse S- Sonnenalle
Best little Thai Imbiss in town. I can highly recommend their PadThai with meat/tofu of choice. It gets pretty crowded in the evening, but at midday it is a pleasant time to be there.
No Toilet

One of the best things about ice-cream placed in Berlin is that you pay per scoop, instead of paying less for number two and three etc. This means that you don't feel obliged to take more that one if you're not in the mood. Or that you can always get an extra if hungry for more.

Tempelhofer Damm 134
U - Tempelhof/Alt Tempelhof
An old fashion ice manufacturer, with more that 80 years on its back. Even though a bit out of the way (since it is south of the ring bahn) it is worth a visit. Here you choose a cup size and then you can add multiple flavors to it, and it is a good alternative to the 1€ per scoop. As any good German place you get a lot for your money.

Körtestrasse 10
U - Südstern
I have only visited Eismacher once, but it still lies in my memory as a good place to go. We were surprised by the dark purple ice-cream that have no artificial coloring, but is made from purple yam which has a great taste of coconut.

Various locations all over the city (check their website in link above)
I like very much the ice from ICE Manufaktur so it is lucky it has multiple locations all over town and also one near me. They claim to have no artificial flavor enhancers etc. So you can eat ice there with a good conscience. 

Friedelstrasse 38
U-Harmannplatz or Schönleinstrasse
On a warm day in early spring or during summer weekends, the line at Fräuline Frost can seem pretty intimidating at first. But the wait is quickly passed trying to figure out which of their many flavor will go into you cone. It can happen that you change you mind several times before it is your turn, but I am sure no matter what you choose it will be good. It is a very kid friendly place, and another nice thing, when you come as a tourist, is that there is a toilet.

Because I am not a club person I can not guide you in that direction, even though there are a lot of possibilities for that in Berlin. Here are come ideas of where to start your night.

Mariannenstrasse 26
U-Kottbusser Tor
Nice crowded bar, where you are likely to talk to you neighbor cause of the lack of space. It has a very cozy atmosphere. Downstairs they have a more club-like environment, with dj’s and dancefloor.

Wühlischstrasse 22/23
Open from 17
S-Warschauer or Ostkreuz
I always like to come back to Hops and Barley, even now when I am no longer living nearby and don’t get to go there regularly. It has a nice relaxed atmosphere, a friendly staff and good self brewed beer. If you are interested it football it is also a good place to go, as the show most of the Bundesliga and international tournaments. On these times it can be pretty crowded, but it is also a fun experience to be among all the exited fans. 

Weserstrasse 204
If you like vine, this might be your new favorite spot. There is no card, instead you go in a tell them what kind of wine you would like to drink, and they let you taste different ones until there is a match. This is both a bar and a shop, so if you find a bottle you really like, it is always possible to take it home at shop price.

Emserstrasse 122/123
S/U- Hermannstrasse/Neukölln
Former Helmut Kohl bar, that sadly had to change its name because of a possible lawsuit from the actual Helmut Kohl, is one of my favorite places to go for a cocktail. Interior is somehow very German bier stube But with its long bar and the dim light it seems like something out of a movie. They take cocktails serious there and besides their menu which used to be the largest menu in Berlin, an A2 page, you can always order outside the card. The prices are reasonable, which is also a good reason to keep coming back. 

Weserstrasse 206
U- Hermannplatz
If you are into the queer scene and cheap wine, this is the place for you. From outside it looks a mess. Inside it is a bit of a mess as well, but I like to go there from time to time and get immerses into the universe of Silverfuture for a while.

One of Berlins Best features is, that you don’t have to spend more than 15 minutes on a S-bahn and you are at outside the city, at a lake or in the forest.
Personally I like the area around Müggelsee, where you can get lost in the big wood. Or I can recommend taking a one day trip to Postdam, and visit the garden of Sansoussi, though in summer you will share the experience with a lot of other people.

S-Treptower park
I think Treptower park is my favorite park in Berlin. Not only cause it is right next to the Spree, and there is actual green grass on the ground, but also because the park is so big, that even on a hot summer day when it is full of people it never seems crowded. The closed Spreewald amusement park in the far east end of the park is also worth walking around and if you dare jump the fence. And don't miss out on the Russian war monument, it is definitely worth a visit.

Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8
S-Botanischer Garden U/S- Rathaus Steglitz
If you like gardens, plants and anything in that direction, it is well worth using the time to get to the Botanical garden in Berlin. It is a bit outside of the city, but it is easy to spend the whole day there walking in the huge greenhouse or admire the many outside flower beds.

Sangerhauser Weg 1
12349 Berlin
S/U- Tempelhof - Take bus 44 towards Buckow-Sud (it will take you around 15 min)
Entrance 2 euros
It is a bit of a trip but a very nice place to go for a day out of the town a walk or i game of miniature-golf. In spring they are said to have millions of tulips. I went the in Summer, which was still quite nice. There are benches, sunbeds, cafes and lots of grass where you can spread you blanket and have a picnic and a little railroad that takes you around to see all corners of the garden.

U-Fehrberliner Platz
Bring you own blanket and buy whatever food you desire right on the spot, where fresh papaya/mango salad is cut, meat fried in a wok on the ground, and hundreds of different Thai dishes are available for very reasonable prices. Next to it at Fehrberliner Platz there is a flea market, so it is possible to combine the two on a nice Sunday afternoon.

U- Boddinstrasse/Leinestrasse/Platz der Luftbrücke/Paradestrasse/Tempelhof
Don’t cheat yourself for a walk in the former Berlin airport. It works as a park now and is quite impressive. I tend to forget that I am in the city when walking or running there, as it is possible to see the skyline of Berlin as was it a far away place.
Also, if you are interested in history, I can definitely recommend the guided tour in the old airport building. It is a two hour walk through terminal, hangars and bunkers, and it is one of the most interesting tours I have been on. It has a good mix of historical fact, funny anecdotes and amazing architecture.